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From the seed to flower and then back to seed. From the farm to the table and then back to the farmer. We are here to help in all things hemp, full circle! Let us help educate farmers, cultivate business, and in the end bring more products and solutions back into your hands.


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Montana Hemp Seed: hEARTS, oil and Protein

One facet of the hemp plant that we think has great potential both for the farmers and end users is the seed itself. With the right processing equipment this grain seed can be transformed into a super food delivered to you in three pure and rich forms. The heart itself - dehulled and cleaned for immediate consumption, the oil - cold pressed and extracted for food, nutraceutical, and cosmetic uses, and the protein - expressed in the extraction of the oil and available in a granular and powder form.

From an agricultural perspective, growing hemp varieties that are bred specifically for grain are the most logical choice for Montana farms. Our climate, soil types, and farming practices along with farm size, availability and cost make raising hemp for seed cultivation a clear and economic choice. We see the long term application of hemp grain varieties being used in a rotation with existing wheat and pulse crops to have a more value added commodity choice available and extend the longevity of our local farms.

To help Montana become a leader in the country for hemp production it is necessary to establish processing capabilities in the area! Because of that we are in the middle of designing, installing, and commissioning a pilot scale facility in Fort Benton, MT to process your seed THIS YEAR! We are estimating yearly production capacity between 10,000 - 12,000 acres which we think is the perfect size to grow the industry both on the producer and consumer ends. If you would like to get ahold of us or find out more please fill out the contact information below.

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We are now taking applications to be a contract grower. If you are already considering the addition of hemp to your farm this 2019 growing season please let us know! This application will help us reach out to you and better access how hemp can be a success on your land.