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Attention Montana Hemp Farmers

As you have probably heard, the 2018 Farm Bill passed last December will significantly change the regulation of hemp that is grown, processed, and sold in the United States. The latest farm legislation differentiates hemp cannabis varieties – used historically in products including oil seeds, fiber and food – from varieties containing the hallucinogen THC, which is still illegal under federal law enforced by the DEA. Changes to the law specified in the Farm Bill will now allow the cultivation and sale of hemp products in accordance with a USDA-approved program implemented by the Montana Department of Agriculture.

Although it is now legal to produce hemp, farmers will be required to obtain a hemp-producers license from the Department of Agriculture and comply with rules under individual State Hemp Programs. Montana farmers must apply for their individual hemp license to become an authorized producer in the state. The enrollment period for 2019 production is now closed, but we will update when the rulings come out for 2020 production. You can find more information about the state’s hemp program as well as an application for the license here.

Indhemp Contracts for 2019

Through our subsidiary, IH Oilseeds, we are moving forward constructing a new oilseed processing facility in Fort Benton, Montana. Our company is licensed and bonded through Montana State Department of Agriculture as a legal commodity dealer. With this we are currently focused on contracting grain of certified hemp oilseed varieties to be processed in our food grade facility this fall. We will be producing organic and conventionally grown hemp seed oil, hemp protein cake, and hemp powder for sale to downstream markets, including a variety of nutritional human and animal food products. We are also looking into opportunities and have invested in technologies to process and sell fiber products as well.

There is a wealth of knowledge available about what it takes to be a successful hemp farmer and the variety of different processing opportunities. We will be contracting with farmers who are interested in growing hemp for grain. We are not presently interested in contracts for biomass or more widely known as CBD harvesting.

To meet our production goals, IH Oilseeds will be contracting for hemp grain for the 2019 season. Our preference is to obtain the following grain contracts:

1.     Certified organic grain from irrigated farms, followed by

2.     Certified organic grain, from non-irrigated; followed by

3.     Conventionally produced irrigated grain; and

4.     Conventionally produced, non-irrigated grain.

Storage is limited at our facility and scheduling grain deliveries will be important. That being said we will need growers that can harvest, clean, dry, and store the grain until we can schedule delivery to the facility.

If you are interested in growing industrial hemp for grain harvesting, we would like to hear from you. As the demand for hemp products grows along with our company and capacity, we will need more acreage dedicated to hemp production. Click the button below and fill out the information in that form. We will be in contact with you promptly.

IndHemp is also a licensed seed provider in the state of Montana and seed can be purchased through our company. Please contact us here if you are interested.