Hemp Tracker


The app to track…

IndHemp is leading the industry in a brand new venture to collaborate with farmers and provide the best quality finished product. We have teamed up with a group of software engineers to create an App just for our farmers designed to track important agronomic data. Our farmers can use this data collection software to keep detailed notes throughout the season on things like:

  • seed variety

  • seeding rates

  • equipment used

  • fertilizer used

  • field selection type

  • soil temperature

  • soil moisture

  • and much, much more!

This agronomy data will be treated confidentially, but reports will come back to our team. With data coming in from all different regions of Montana including soil type, planting methods, seed varieties and finally field yields, we will be able to paint a detailed picture of how best to grow this grain crop in Big Sky Country! We are excited to be able to correlate the farmers agronomy data with the quality and nutritional data gathered from finished product. Not only we will be able to tell our farmers what works best for yield but will also know what produces the richest oils and highest protein!

Our app is the first of its kind. We pride ourselves on distinguishing IndHemp in the industry, and know this data collection system will take us to the next level. It’s not very often that farmers get the credit for doing all the hard work in the fields to make a better product for the end consumer. With this App and the partnership we have with our growers, we hope that will change!

If you’re one of our farmers and want to log in to Hemp Tracker, click here.