Operator - Fort Benton, MT

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IH Oilseeds is a subsidiary of IndHemp that processes hemp grain seed for food grade products. IH Oilseeds is like many regional agriculture-based companies and provides crucial processing to take local farmers valuable crop and transform them into products for downstream markets. We are looking for qualified candidates to help manage and operate equipment such as seed cleaners, conveyors, oil presses, filtration units and more to process the industrial hemp crop. Help us connect the harvest to the home with high quality food, feed, and industrial use products.

IH Oilseeds provides competitive wages and employee benefits including but not limited to health insurance and retirement packages. All successful applicants will be subject to a criminal background check, drug screenings and review of motor vehicle records.


Full time hourly positions for various shifts in Fort Benton, Montana

Hourly rates listed depend on experience

Labor positions $11 - $15

Operators $15 – $20

Lead Operators $20 - $25

New hires will start at a training salary for a probationary period. Conditions of the training period will be stated at a time of hire.

Job Responsibilities:

• Perform operational duties in an industrial, hemp processing facility. Duties will include but not limited to tasks such as unloading trucks, driving a forklift, cleaning and disassembling equipment, and collecting samples.

• Prioritize and maintain safe working practices and environment

• Monitor various processing parameters and physically take readings from machinery within the facility

• Assess current operating conditions and make process adjustments as needed to keep critical product specifications

• Monitor and control operation’s hazard analysis and critical control points

• Perform necessary good manufacturing practices and cleaning duties, may also include cleaning machinery, fixing machinery, and other duties as assigned

• Demonstrate the ability to learn new jobs.

• Good written and verbal communication skills are required for this position.

Physical and Education Requirements:

• At minimum a high school diploma or equivalent, additional education or training desired

• Basic understanding of computers, math comprehension and previous plant environment is helpful

• Relevant work experience in grain or food processing as well as training and knowledge base of food safety practices desirable

• Must have the ability to climb stairs, lift, bend, kneel, stand for long periods, work in confined spaces, work with heights, and work in hot and cold temperatures and a dusty environment

• Exhibit good work habits, including excellent attendance and individual productivity